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Early History
    David Luther, a native of Ireland, came to America in 1740 and settled near Philadelphia, PA.  The family moved to Westmoreland County a few years later, as early pioneers and located on land later owned by Joseph Clark, the Smith's, and still later, the Hill Family.  The Indians were so dangerous that the Luther's returned to the eastern part of Pennsylvania.   Later, when more immigrants began moving westward, the Luther's returned to the Ligonier Valley and settled near West Fairfield, PA. which was later called "Luther Valley" for a time.  The original land grant was composed of land along what is now Ross Mountain Park Road, and consisted of parts of the Boy Scout Camp Twin Echo, and what is now the Kunkle farm.  The initial tract of land was 300 acres.

    There were several brothers, one of them located near Laughlintown, PA along Route 30, and one above Nineveh (now Seward, PA) on the Indiana side of the Conemaugh River.  This brother's name was Robert, and he kept a lock on the old canal.  He had a family and they settled near Ebensburg, PA, Cambria County.  The Indiana County Luther's  and the North Cambria Country Luther's are descendants of this Robert Luther.

    Of those who settled at Laughlintown, in the Ligonier Valley, the farthest one back we have been able to learn of was William, a school master, always known as "Master" Luther.  He taught school at Laughlintown about 1820, and probably many years prior to and following that date.  Old Master Luther was born in 1772 and died in 1855, aged 83 years, two months.

    In the family of David Luther, he also had a son named David.  David the second was born in Philadelphia in 1794, and came with his father to the Ligonier Valley and settled in "Luther Valley".  He died there on April 30, 1864, at the age of 70 years.

    David, (ancestor of the Luther Valleyites), Robert, (ancestor of the Indiana Country and North Cambria Country Luther's) and the "Old Master" William Luther (ancestor of the Laughlintown branch of the family" were brothers.  There was also a sister named Elizabeth, who married Daniel Faloon.

     Robert M. Luther was born in the Ligonier Valley, and after wedding Ellen Weaver, settled in Richland Township, near Johnstown, PA.  and became a farmer and business man.   The farm, which was located East of what is now Scalp Avenue was along what is now called "Luther Road".   Over the years the lane leading to the Luther farm became known as "Luther Road".  The street which now goes past where the Luther farmhouse was located is now called "Bob Street" in honor of Robert Luther.   The farm, which once was well over 100 acres was sold off as building lots over the years as Robert and Ellen were in their later years.  Part of the farm was deeded to the Richland Cemetery Association.  Several of their children, and grandchildren purchased some of the building lots from the farm,  as they started their own families.  Presently, one of their grandchildren live on the exact lot where the farmhouse once stood.   Robert and Ellen raised their family of ten children here starting in the 1890's and lived there until about 1960.  Many of their children and grandchildren are now burried or own cemetery lots in the Richland Cemetery, which is just to the south of where the farm was located.  Most of the grandchildren remember playing in the "orchard" which is now part of the cemetery.

                                                 What's in a Name?

     LUTHER - The name "Luther" has several origins, and its now impossible to separate them.  The old French word "Luthier" denoted a Lute Player,  Most famous might have been Nicholas Luthier, a French politician who died in 1793.   The old French "Luthier" was taken to England where it formed the surnames for Ralph Luther, who lived in Yorkshire in 1529, and for John Luther, who lived in County Suffold, in 1674.
     The German name Luther is derived from the Old High German word "liut" (folk people).  It appears to have been first used in combination with other words to form the Old High German compound names such as Leutger (people-spear) and Ludhari (people-war)  Leutfrid (people-peace) and many other combinations.  Many believe the name meant "soldier of the people".  The most noted name is that of Martin Luther (1483-1546) the German religious reformer.  As far as we know, the R.M. Luther family is not a direct decendent of Martin Luther himself.

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