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     Please note, this website, and these particular family pages are continuing under development and there have been several updates for each family.   All the families listed below have now been activated.  The webmaster would welcome your ideas, favorite pictures, and any corrections or additions to what has transpired so far.  The purpose of these pages is to help to bring together the extended Luther/Caldwell/Kniss families.  Thank you in advance for your help in improving the site.
  Roger Luther     Please email me at 
raluther@atlanticbb.net with your suggestions.

Robert and Ella Luther                                         R. M. Luther Family Tree Drawing 

                                                                                        2019 Reunion Family Pictures

                                                                            2017 Reunion Family Pictures                             
Bruce Luther                                                 
                                                                            2015 Reunion Family Pictures
Newt Luther                                                      
                                                                            2013 Reunion Family Pictures
Dan Luther
                                                                            2011 Reunion Family Pictures           
Ted Luther    
2009 Reunion Family Pictures
Elizabeth Luther Kniss
                                                                            2007 Reunion Family Pictures
Lidia Belle Luther Caldwell
                                                                            2005 Reunion Family Pictures
William Luther
                                                                            2003 (None Taken)
Martin Luther                                                       
2001 Reunion Family Pictures
Sam Luther
1999 Reunion Family Pictures  
George Luther           
1997 Reunion Family Pictures
The Luther First Cousins
                                                                                     1995 Reunion Family Pictures
The Luther Memorial
                                                                            1993 Reunion Family Pictures
2017 Luther First Cousins

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