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    This website is dedicated to the R. M. Luther Family of Johnstown, PA.  Robert and Ellen (Weaver) Luther had 12 children, 10 of whom lived long and abundant lives. Robert and Ella had 35 grandchildren, 85 great grandchildren, and at least 210 great great grandchildren.  They were married on Christmas Day, 1892.  These pages recognize the large extended family that has developed from these two wonderful Christian Mennonite people, many called Grandpa and Grandma Luther.

           The 2017 Reunion was fantastic with 75 attending.  "Click Here"
         The 2019 Reunion was even better with 85 attending.  Click Here

                                     The Next R.M. Luther Family Reunion

    Our next R.M. Luther Reunion will be held at the Belmont United Methodist Church, 107 Coldren Street, Johnstown, PA on Saturday, July 17th, 2021.  This venue was used for our last five reunions and seems to be an ideal location. It is located close to Luther Road, and the nearby motels where most of the out of town guests have stayed.   Mark the date,  July 17th, 2021,  10 am !

                                  Officers and Committee Chairs for 2021
                                        President.................   Beth Eger
                                        Vice-President..........  Erin Carson
                                        2nd Vice-President...  Andrea Luther
                                        Secretary................   Sandra Mostoller
                                        Treasurer................   Cindy Slack
                                        Kitchen....................  Amy Krieger
                                        Games.....................  Erin, Jeremy, & Andrea Luther
                                        Auction....................  David Luther

                                Minutes of the 2011 Luther Reunion:  Click Here
                                Minutes of the 2013 Luther Reunion:  Click Here
                                Minutes of the 2015 Luther Reunion:  Click Here
                                Minutes of the 2017 Luther Reunion:  Click Here
                                Minutes of the 2019 Luther Reunion:  Click Here

             A slide show of pictures from the 2015 Reunion...  Click Here
             A slide show of pictures from the 2017 Reunion...  Click Here    
             A slide show of pictures from the 2019 Reunion...  Click Here              

  Video From the 2011 Luther Reunion prepared by Travis Luther:   Click Here!
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                Click here to view a photo review of fun times at past reunions

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                                    The group photo from the 2019 Luther Reunion

                         The Group Photo from our 2017 Luther Family Reunion

                                  Robert and Ella Luther with their 10 children, photo taken in 1920
  Left to Right, Martin, Newt, George, Ted, Grandma, Dan, Liddy Belle, Grandpa, Bruce, Elizabeth, Sam, & Bill.

                   Robert and Ellen Luther with their 10 children at the Luther Reunion in 1950
  Children in order of birth, Bruce, Newt, Dan, Ted, Elizabeth, Liddy Belle, Bill, Martin, Sam, and George

                       The R.M. Luther Family at a family reunion in the early 1960's in New Paris, PA
                     L to R:  Martin, George, Elizabeth, Ted, Lidia Belle, Bruce, Newt, Dan, Sam, and Bill

         The Luther Reunion group photo from August 1949 - taken at Hollisinger's Grove, Luther Road


     Above is one of the oldest R. M. Luther family photographs which was taken in 1906.  Left to Right are as follows:  Mary (Miller) Yoder,  (Ted's grandmother, or Gram-Muzzie) Daniel H. Yoder, (Mary's second husband) Lee Veil (boy in rear), Mary Veil (Miller), Susan (Weaver) Veil, (holding baby Ruth) Alvin Veil, Newton Luther, (behind Alvin), Ellen (Weaver) Luther, holding Lydia Belle Luther (Caldwell), Bruce Luther (Standing between his mother and father)  Robert M. Luther, holding Elizabeth Luther (Kniss), and with his hand on Algie "Ted"Luther's shoulder,  and Daniel Luther, on the far right.    Four additional children were later born to Robert and Ellen Luther named Bill, Martin, Sam, and George.
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